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The history of Jose Perez Tree Service LLC dates back to 2005, when owner of the company, José Perez arrived in the United States and began his journey into the construction field, at first, specializing himself in the construction Industry, learning about carpentry and concrete services. After a decade of hard work, José has honed multiple skills and gained valuable experience in the construction industry.

To expand his income, experience and services, in 2010 José decided to venture into tree cutting and gardening on weekends, while during the week he kept working in the construction field. Great thing was that he always worked with a company that provided training; and that training helped Jose to further develop his skills in the different areas of construction and made him better at providing these services now for his own clientele.

Finally, in 2014, Jose Perez Tree Service LLC is formally established as a company. José integrates tree trimming and landscaping services into his company, providing a full range of exterior construction and maintenance services. With more than a decade of experience and a dedicated focus on providing quality services, Jose Perez Tree Service LLC has established itself as a benchmark in the sector, offering comprehensive and professional solutions to its clients.

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